2015 S/S Nail Polish Color Trend


The long awaited spring season is almost here! We have gathered our top picks from B.lush’s 2015 S/S collection to go with matching nail polish colors. Take a look at the list below (in order from left to right):

  1. 150290 KL – Lime with O.P.I Nail Lacquer in NLH66 (Hawaii Collection)
  2. 150292 KL – Orange with Essie in meet me at sunset
  3. 150293 KL – Turquoise with Deborah Lippman in bombdiggity blue
  4. 150287 KL – Lemon with Maybelline Color Show in Fierce N Tangy 230
  5. 150288 KL – Pink with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Sonic Bloom 11

Types of Face Masks

face masks

Face masks are important to rejuvenate your skin. Here is a list of a few types of face masks we put together:

  1. Sheet Masks: These have gotten pretty popular recently. They help moisturize and give a nice glow to your skin. Using this once a week is good enough. They are great and easy to carry for traveling!
  2. Clay Masks: It has a lot of natural elements that cleanse the skin’s surface. This prevents your skin to dry and it is great for people with oily or acne-prone skin. Clay masks help absorb dirt and grease and is very easy to apply. Simply put the clay mask all over your face and after a certain amount of time (depending on the brand), wash it off.
  3. Peel-Off Masks: This mask has a plasticizing agent that forms a thin film over the face. It helps remove dead skin and blackheads. There is a wide range of face masks for all kinds of skin types.
  4. Hot Oil Face Masks: This you can simply use natural oils you already have at home such as olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil or almond oil. Place one of these oils in a bowl and warm it up by placing the bowl in hot water or microwave. Now rub the oil in circular motion on your face and wash off after. This is ideal for dry or mature skin and helps refine and soften skin.

Information and image source: Google

50 Shades of Grey OOTD


You guessed right, this outfit is inspired by the title of the movie 50 Shades of Grey. It is a great ootd for those who are still experiencing the cold at this time of the year. The shawl cape is from Oasap and you can pair it with a basic black camisole  and acid wash leggings. A great way to accessorize this bold look is our beaded jewelry set (JWL 50211 – Grey) and our handbag from our new Summer collection (150289 KL – Light Blue). Although this handbag is not grey, it goes well with this attire. Any pair of neutral color loafers will complete this themed get-up.

Early Spring Outfit


For those who can’t wait for spring to arrive, here’s an early spring outfit. You can wear a black bralet with floral trousers. If you want more coverage, put a chiffon tassel kimono on top. For accessories, you can wear the stone beaded necklace with suede cord (JWL 50214 – Black) with trendy suede pumps. Add the yellow messenger bag (140119 KL – Yellow) to this look for pop of color!

Image Source:
1. Black Bralet from Google Images
2. Floral Trouser from Misguided http://tinyurl.com/myqvyv6
3. Zara Round Toe Court Shoes http://tinyurl.com/kbzfrl6
4. Tassel Kimono http://tinyurl.com/mpn2orr

Home Decor for Small Places!

I recently moved to a small bachelor apartment. There are a few things I purchased for the kitchen and for my vanity table. The theme at my place is white furniture including my vanity table, dresser and dining table. I’ve been loving bunnies recently so the following items you will see are inspired from that.


There was a huge sale at Target so I decided to go on the weekend. I saw white rabbit pepper shaker bottles. Even though the bottle was for pepper, there was none in color black. So I decided to buy two of the white rabbit pepper shakers and paint one of them black. The paint I used is Martha Stewart High Gloss that you can purchase at your local Michael’s Craft Store.


I also went to Home Sense this weekend and found a really cute ceramic sugar jar. The best part was that the lid has a bunny making it absolutely adorable!


Of course, I want to have some colors with the theme of our place. So I purchased these small macaroon jewelry boxes for my vanity table. I got these from Urban Outfitters.

This is just the beginning of my journey in decorating the place. If you want to see more, just let me know in the comments below.

Passion’s Pick for Spring Collection 2015


Spring’s sweetest shade of 2015 is mint. The items we picked out from our collection include the following:

  1. SC 1510 – Sky Blue: It is decorated in a variety of shades and sizes of dandelions all over the lightweight scarf for a contemporary look.
  2. JWL 50215 – Blue: This necklace is a great piece to for those that love the bohemian feel. Wear this on your casual days along the beach.
  3. HAT 60206 – Grey: This hat comes in earthy tones and uses button snaps for decoration.
  4. BR 150314 – As Shown: This is the perfect gift for someone you love. A simple silver bangle with a gold heart.
  5. 150131 PN – Light Lime: Totally gorgeous, stunning tote with badge logo and gold hardware. Perfect for any day of the week. So versatile it will go with anything in your wardrobe
  6. Belt 1509 – Turquoise: This sleek and chic looking stretchy belt is a great accessory when wearing one piece dresses.

(only available for wholesale)

14 Things To Do For Valentine’s Day



(Image Source: all the pictures are from Google Images)

  1. Handmade Love Note: It could be as simple as writing on a sticky note to put on the washroom mirror so when he wakes up in the morning, he can see it. You are never too old to make him a Valentine’s card.
  2. Exchange Massages: After a long week of work, why not reward each other by taking turns to give massage. You can also go to a spa together. Oil massages are my favourite!
  3. Cook Him Dinner: There’s a reason why people say a key to a man’s heart is his stomach. He will appreciate it much more because it is all for him. It would also be romantic if he cooked for you for this special day.
  4. Watch Opera: You can go to your local opera theatre to enjoy the show for one night. It doesn’t have to be the opera, but a Broadway show is also great to watch.
  5. Dinner Cruise: This is pricier than simply going out to a restaurant, but it is so worth it if you love the view on water. Dinner cruises during Valentine usually have pre-fixed menus. A lot of restaurants have pre-fixed menus for Valentine’s Day.
  6. Take Dance Lesson: It is a fun way to let go and just feel the rhythm together. I definitely recommend salsa if you never tried before.
  7. Get a Hotel Room: Getting a nice hotel room feels like a mini vacation especially ones that have a Jacuzzi and king size bed.
  8. Recreate Your First Date: First date is different for everyone. It could be revisiting the first restaurant you went to with your partner to doing everything that was done that day together from morning to the next day.
  9. Go to the Movies: Simply going to your local movie theatre is a simple way to celebrate this holiday. We all know 50 Shades of Grey is coming out on Valentine’s Day!
  10. Doing Nothing: Reward yourself if you’re single or if you have a partner to do nothing at all. It will be an easy going and stress free day for you and/or your partner.
  11. Ice Skating: It is inexpensive way to spend the day together.
  12. Looking at Stars: If you are from the city, you can drive to the outskirts to get a better look at the stars. You can either stay at a cottage for the weekend, camp for the night or go back home the same night together.
  13. Foam Bath: Having a foam bath together at home is a great way to end the night. It is therapeutic and relaxing at the same time!
  14. Wine Tasting: This is for wine lovers who want more than one type of wine this holiday

Family Values

family day

It is family day next Monday here in Ontario. Family Day is a holiday we celebrate to spend time with our loved ones, which could range from simply having dinner or spending the whole day together. Growing up in a family of five, I find it to be very important to have family values to maintain a strong foundation for families.

Here are my top 5 family values:

  1. Belonging: Everyone has a different meaning of what home is. I believe home is a place you can always return to not only when things don’t work out in your new home with your partner or roommate, but a safe place where you know you will be surrounded with love. It is a place where someone you care about is thinking of you too and that is where home will be. Being close with your family does not mean having to spend all your free time with them, but finding the perfect balance of work and/or school, personal life and time to do activities with your family.
  2. Communication: It is always good to be open to talk to your family about concerns or problems you have with a family member in a respectful way. Nothing gets solved if you and/or one of the members of your family can’t express themselves. The problem could get worse and that will only lead to being unhappy. You can express yourself not only by talking, but how you communicate with your eyes, body and how well you listen to their side as well.
  3. Responsibility: A lot of us learned to be responsible since we were young by being given chores and tasks to do around the house. Even at school, we had the responsibility to finish assignments and into adulthood, our amount of responsibilities increased. The responsibilities I believe are important in my family include the following:
    • Calling your family member(s) and seeing how they are doing.
    • Invite them for dinner from time to time.
    • Try to make time to visit them.
  4. Learning to forgive: Our family like many families have flaws. Our personalities do not always mix well together. The result of that are misunderstandings, which leads to arguments. Some may last for an hour to not talking for months. Getting past this obstacle in your relationship with one of your siblings or parents isn’t always the easiest thing to do. The first step to help fix the problem is learning to forgive or looking past the problem. Seeing if it is even worth ruining the relationship you have with them.
  5. Be Reasonable: Being generous may come easy for some people and harder for others. It is about sincerely doing something for another person from the bottom of your heart. This relates to being reasonable such as learning to compromise what you want to do vs what they want to do. For example, my boyfriend and I can’t always agree on what movie to watch when we go to the theaters. So my boyfriend would go watch a chick flick I really want to watch and the next time we go to the movies, I would watch something he really wants to watch that I might not be interested in as much as him.


Presidents Day Outfit


We put together a bold blue and red outfit for Presidents Day that is happening next Monday. You can wear a navy and white stripe t-shirt with a royal blue wool coat depends if the state you are from is cold or hot. If you are from a state with hot weather, you can wear a royal blue blazer or a cropped denim jacket instead. Top the look with a pair of skinny red jeans and our cut out white waist belt (BELT 1502 – White). Don’t forget to wear your favorite pumps whether preferably neutral colors like black, white or nude. At last, we have a nautical bag (150164 DG – Anchor) to complete this entire look.

(Image Source: Clothes & Shoes from Google)

DIY Pillow Cases

DIY pillow case

I recently did a DIY pillowcase using the tutorial by A Curiously Chic Life.

(Source: https://acuriouslychiclife.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/diy-pillowcase/)

  1. pillowfabricFirst choose the fabric you want to make the pillow case out of. I purchased a yard of the leaf embroidered fabric and a yard of the soft grey fabric from a local fabric store.
  2. The first step was to get cushion pillows. The size I used was 16” x 16”, so I cut a long rectangle piece of fabric. The piece I cut out was 17” wide, which allows a half inch seam allowance on either side and 40” long ([17×2] + 6 = 40) to have one side of the back overlap the other side of the back. See pictures on A Curiously Chic Life’s blog post for reference.
  3. I then ironed half inch in on both sides of the width part of the fabric. Once you iron the first half inch, turn it over to iron another half in of the fabric. This technique for hemming prevents the edge of the fabric from fraying. Repeat the same step on the other short side.
  4. Sew along the edges you ironed.
  5. I then placed the cushion pillow in the middle of my fabric and folded the fabric over.
  6. Fold the other half over the fabric and pin the two flaps of fabric together on either side.
  7. I then removed the pillow and sewed along the edges.
  8. Simply flip the pillow case right side out and you have the finished product!
  9. The result: pillows