14 Things To Do For Valentine’s Day



(Image Source: all the pictures are from Google Images)

  1. Handmade Love Note: It could be as simple as writing on a sticky note to put on the washroom mirror so when he wakes up in the morning, he can see it. You are never too old to make him a Valentine’s card.
  2. Exchange Massages: After a long week of work, why not reward each other by taking turns to give massage. You can also go to a spa together. Oil massages are my favourite!
  3. Cook Him Dinner: There’s a reason why people say a key to a man’s heart is his stomach. He will appreciate it much more because it is all for him. It would also be romantic if he cooked for you for this special day.
  4. Watch Opera: You can go to your local opera theatre to enjoy the show for one night. It doesn’t have to be the opera, but a Broadway show is also great to watch.
  5. Dinner Cruise: This is pricier than simply going out to a restaurant, but it is so worth it if you love the view on water. Dinner cruises during Valentine usually have pre-fixed menus. A lot of restaurants have pre-fixed menus for Valentine’s Day.
  6. Take Dance Lesson: It is a fun way to let go and just feel the rhythm together. I definitely recommend salsa if you never tried before.
  7. Get a Hotel Room: Getting a nice hotel room feels like a mini vacation especially ones that have a Jacuzzi and king size bed.
  8. Recreate Your First Date: First date is different for everyone. It could be revisiting the first restaurant you went to with your partner to doing everything that was done that day together from morning to the next day.
  9. Go to the Movies: Simply going to your local movie theatre is a simple way to celebrate this holiday. We all know 50 Shades of Grey is coming out on Valentine’s Day!
  10. Doing Nothing: Reward yourself if you’re single or if you have a partner to do nothing at all. It will be an easy going and stress free day for you and/or your partner.
  11. Ice Skating: It is inexpensive way to spend the day together.
  12. Looking at Stars: If you are from the city, you can drive to the outskirts to get a better look at the stars. You can either stay at a cottage for the weekend, camp for the night or go back home the same night together.
  13. Foam Bath: Having a foam bath together at home is a great way to end the night. It is therapeutic and relaxing at the same time!
  14. Wine Tasting: This is for wine lovers who want more than one type of wine this holiday

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