DIY Pillow Cases

DIY pillow case

I recently did a DIY pillowcase using the tutorial by A Curiously Chic Life.


  1. pillowfabricFirst choose the fabric you want to make the pillow case out of. I purchased a yard of the leaf embroidered fabric and a yard of the soft grey fabric from a local fabric store.
  2. The first step was to get cushion pillows. The size I used was 16” x 16”, so I cut a long rectangle piece of fabric. The piece I cut out was 17” wide, which allows a half inch seam allowance on either side and 40” long ([17×2] + 6 = 40) to have one side of the back overlap the other side of the back. See pictures on A Curiously Chic Life’s blog post for reference.
  3. I then ironed half inch in on both sides of the width part of the fabric. Once you iron the first half inch, turn it over to iron another half in of the fabric. This technique for hemming prevents the edge of the fabric from fraying. Repeat the same step on the other short side.
  4. Sew along the edges you ironed.
  5. I then placed the cushion pillow in the middle of my fabric and folded the fabric over.
  6. Fold the other half over the fabric and pin the two flaps of fabric together on either side.
  7. I then removed the pillow and sewed along the edges.
  8. Simply flip the pillow case right side out and you have the finished product!
  9. The result: pillows

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