Types of Face Masks

face masks

Face masks are important to rejuvenate your skin. Here is a list of a few types of face masks we put together:

  1. Sheet Masks: These have gotten pretty popular recently. They help moisturize and give a nice glow to your skin. Using this once a week is good enough. They are great and easy to carry for traveling!
  2. Clay Masks: It has a lot of natural elements that cleanse the skin’s surface. This prevents your skin to dry and it is great for people with oily or acne-prone skin. Clay masks help absorb dirt and grease and is very easy to apply. Simply put the clay mask all over your face and after a certain amount of time (depending on the brand), wash it off.
  3. Peel-Off Masks: This mask has a plasticizing agent that forms a thin film over the face. It helps remove dead skin and blackheads. There is a wide range of face masks for all kinds of skin types.
  4. Hot Oil Face Masks: This you can simply use natural oils you already have at home such as olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil or almond oil. Place one of these oils in a bowl and warm it up by placing the bowl in hot water or microwave. Now rub the oil in circular motion on your face and wash off after. This is ideal for dry or mature skin and helps refine and soften skin.

Information and image source: Google


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