Health Benefits of Water with Lemons

lemon-drinkSummer is just around the corner and a cold refreshing drink is in need. We are all looking for tips and tricks to improve our lives, and continuously help our health and diet to gain energy to complete the day, and many more benefits. By drinking lemon water it can help hydration, constipation, weight loss, pump up the immune system, recover from a workout, helps with aches and pains, and many more. Importantly lemon can be used as cleaning products, where the citrus fruit has the potential to clear up anything from your skin to that nasty cold flu that is being spread around this summer.

1 Lemon
1 Pitcher of room temperature water
1 box of mint (optional)
1 tray of ice cubes (optional)

It’s really simple to get a refreshing and enjoyable drink that will help you get through summer the way you want it. All you need is a pitcher of room temperature water and lemons on hand, every morning just squeeze the juice from half a lemon (or a whole lemon if you are over 150 pounds) into a cup of water. According to Sacred Source Nutrition, room temperature water give better health benefits rather than ice cold water because this can potentially shock your system and prevent all of many health benefits from starting to work. Optionally you can add as many ice cubs and mints you want for a more refreshing feeling.

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