Types of Eyeliner


There are different types of eyeliner and we have listed a few down below:
(Image Source: Items from Google)

1. Liquid Eyeliner: The lid has a felt-tip that is great for drawing a bold line or a defined feline flick. Many are affordable liquid eyeliners at drugstores and it is good for beginners.

2. Liquid Eyeliner Pen: This also has a felt marker tip and it is very easy to draw different type of eyeliner styles from thin to dramatic strokes. The waterproof eyeliner pen usually lasts longer and smudge-proof.

3. Pencil Eyeliner: They apply on smoothly and amazing to blend with especially underneath the eyes for a smoky look.

4. Gel Eyeliner: It glides on easy and sets quickly to wear all day. There are many different eyeliner brushes that can be used to get the precision of a liquid liner.
a) Skinny eyeliner brush is excellent for thinly lining the eyes for a natural look.
b) Fine flick eyeliner brush is perfect for a flirty flick style.
c) Fine eyeliner brush is good for a flawless clean natural line.
d) Push eyeliner brush is used for tight and smooth lining.
e) Angled eyeliner brush is ultimate in creating precision especially for cat eyes.

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