Silver or gold color test: Are you warm or cool?

Silver and gold are the two most common metals that can easily reflect if warm or cool colors look best on you. Silver is considered cool and complements dominant cool undertones – and gold is considered warm and harmonize best with coloring that are predominantly warm.

Photo Credit: maxresdefault

Photo Credit: maxresdefault

The silver or gold test is one of the easiest and most effective ways to determine your undertone. If you are cool, it eliminates the warm groups from the seasonal color analysis, or if you’re warm you’ll be able to cross off all of the cool groups. This leaves you with a few groups to work with.

Here’s how you do the Gold or Silver Color Analysis:

You need:

  • A large mirror
  • Two jewelry pieces – one in bright silver and the other one in a clear, gold. In some cases, you may need a warm, bright yellow and a royal blue cloth
  • Natural lighting

How to do it:

Simply hold the jewelry in those two metals against your face, and take notice of which one makes your overall complexion look brighter and stands out more. Do this test under natural lighting and with no makeup on

Observe the changes in your face…

Your best colors will make you look healthy and will soften all imperfections such as dark eye circles, wrinkles and discolorations.

However, ‘bad’ colors can emphasize imperfections such as yellow teeth, lines and uneven skin tone, and make you look sick and pale. If a color is ‘bad’ for you, you will see dark shadows where you place the color against at.

Here are a couple of things to observe:

  • Do you look healthier? Notice the quality of your skin, eyes and skin tone
  • Does the metal create or accentuate dark eye circles?
  • Do you see any unflattering shadows?
  • Does it make your teeth look yellow/more yellow?
  • Trust your guts, do you think you look better/worse? Ask a trusted family member or friend.

Do you notice any differences when switching between gold and silver?

If the gold makes you glow and you look more alive, then you’re definitely a gold!

If the silver lights up your face, making your coloring look more luminous and healthy, then you’re a silver!

If you are having trouble deciding, because both metals seem to look equally well on your face. It may be that you look good in both, then you might be a Neutral!

Feel Free to share your result when you are done. 


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