Style Your Home With These Insider Designer Tips

Want a new look for your home but don’t know where to start? Home styling can be a pain in the neck, but with these insider tips, your life is about to get a whole lot easier.

1. Go for odd numbers 

Always accessorize with an odd number of objects. The trick is to make your decor look styled, but not too perfect. The coffee table look best with three groups of accessories on top.


2. Layer rugs

Here is a little designer secret, try layering two rugs together for a bohemian vibe, or layer a larger plain rug directly under a smaller patterned one. It will give your space instant designer cred.


3. Books as decor

If it’s in your budget, splurge on books with beautiful covers for their aesthetic value. Treat them like accessories and stack them on tables.


4. Try diagonal seating

If you have a particularly large or long and narrow space in your home, try placing your furniture diagonally. It visually fills out the large space and keeps things looking fresh and unique.


5. Think outside the picture

Create a gallery with objects other than pictures frames. Visit your local flea market and vintage stores for trays, mirrors or plates and place them onto your wall.


6. Say bye to symmetry

For a major boost in style, mix and match your dining table chairs, sofa or place different night stands on either side of your bed.


7. Add texture with textiles

Add dimension to a room with textiles in different textures. For example, a textured blanket, like a giant fur on a sequined Moroccan wedding blanket.


8. Balance vignettes with color 

When accessorizing small vignettes, try objects with different textures and sizes, and always stick to one color palette. The reoccurring colors will tie the different decorative accents together to create one cohesive vignette.

Easter Decor 2011 14

9. Be bold with wall color

Designers like to get creative with wall colors and they are not afraid to be bold. Deep shades are an inexpensive way to make any space striking. Depends on your preference and the theme of your room, but don’t be afraid to try green, yellow, orange or even red.




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