Lawn Maintenance In Winter

With Winter just around the corner, lawn care doesn’t quite end during the months long season, here are some considerations and concerns that we should be aware of even in Winter.

  • Clean it up. It is extremely important not to leave debris, leaves, or toys out on the lawn. These things can smother the grass, creating disease condition, and invite insects, mice and other damaging pests
  • Lower the height of your mower by a notch or two (.5″ – 1.0″) the last couple of times you mow. Excessively long grass can smother itself, cause disease, and is at risk of damage from freezing and thawing conditions
  • Monitor weather conditions. Turf is very resilient and can tolerate an extreme winter but certain conditions can be harmful in the long term. It might be worthwhile to chip away a little exposed ice in a low spot if you know a winter storm or deep freeze is approaching.
  • Be aware of traffic. Under snow cover, or exposed to the elements, dormant grass will tolerate a moderate amount of traffic but a heavily worn path will be slower to green up in the spring and cause compaction.

Winter is unpredictable and may put your lawn through some harsh and extreme conditions. The best thing to do is make sure the grass has hardened off, monitor the weather, and focus on keeping your sidewalks clear.

LawnPhoto Credit: CCLawn


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