Simple DIY Halloween Decor

Halloween is approaching very quickly, which means it is time to get in the mood. Halloween is a great time for decorating and with these simple DIY decor ideas, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your home look scary and fun.

Hanging Ghosts:


You will need: Styrofoam balls, black craft paint, small paint brush, cheesecloth, eye screws, glue, scissors

1. Insert your eye screw into the top of each styrofoam balls using your glue. Let it dry

2. Use your black craft paint to paint ghost eyes on each styrofoam balls. Let the paint dry

3. Take your cheesecloth and place them over top of styrofoam balls. The length depends on how long you want your decor hanging.

4. Using scissors, cut ‘rips’in the cheesecloth. Take each shred in your hand and stretch it down, this will create a tattered look in the cheesecloth


Crafty Pumpkins


This one is great for decorating your porch, stairs, patio, coffee tables or fireplace mantel.

You will need: Pumpkin, ribbon, buttons (black), hot glue guns, sharpie, scissors

1. Write a word, or phrase across the pumpkin

2. Use hot glue guns to glue buttons on top of the word or phrase

3. Paint the stem black (you may skip this step if you wish)

4. Wait for the paint to dry

5. cut ribbon the length of your pumpkin

6. Tie it in a bow around the stem. Secure it with hot glue


Tin Can Luminaries 


You will Need: Empty tin can (large coffee can), sharpie or marker in the same color as your paint, hammer, large nail, paint, paint brush, candles, towel

1. Fill the tin can with water and place it in the freezer, wait until the water is completely frozen, then remove can from freezer

2. Using your marker, draw whatever word or image onto the tin can. Keep the design simple. (design idea: outline of a cat, a witch’s hat, or words like boo, or Happy Halloween)

3. Place your tin can on a folded towel

4. Then, use the hammer and nail to puncture the design in the can

5. When you are done punching the holes, place the can under hot running water to melt the ice

6. Paint the can, once the paint is dry, you will probably have to use a toothpick and poke some of the holes through on the can since the paint can clog them up

7. Place the candles inside the can

Tip: You can also puncture one hole on either side of the tin can, attach a piece of wire, and then hang the luminaries.


Glowing Ghouls


These glowing ghosts are really easy to make, you may draw a ghost or alien. Make as many as you want and once the light goes out, you will really spook up the place. place them on the tree branches in your front/back yard.

You will need: Green glow sticks, white balloons, black marker

1. Snap a glow stick and place inside the white balloon

2. Inflate the balloon and tie close

3. Draw a face with your black marker on the balloon


Yard Tombstones


You will need: sheets of approx 5cm x 30cm x 91cm styrofoam sheet – one sheet will make 2 tombstones, bread knife, pairing knife, permanent marker, black spray paint, dark grey and white acrylic paint, a 6 or 7 cm paint brush

1. Draw the outline of the tombstone onto your styrofoam sheet, to help with the curve, use a large round bucket lid

2. Cut the tombstone shape out of the foam following the outline you have drawn. Use the bread knife to do this and it is best to do it outside as it will leave a mess

3. Draw your design on your tombstone. Draw simple images such as crosses, skulls or RIP

4. Once you are happy with the drawing, carve the design into the surface with your pairing knife. You simply scratch the surface of your sketched lines with the tip of the knife and gradually carve out grooves to a depth of 2-3 cm. Hole your knife at an angle for best result

5. The final stages is the paint your tombstone, first, use black spray paint to cover the entire surface, use long even strokes from different direction to ensure even coverage. Allow the paint to dry before moving on

6. To create a realistic stone effect, the next step is to dry brush the black surface with acrylic paint, start by applying a thin coat of grey paint with the 6cm paint brush. Careful not to get the paint into the carve design. Allow this coat to dry

7. To add more depth to the paint effect, apply a second dry brush coat in the same way, but this time, use a mixture of dark grey and white acrylic paint. Allow this coat to dry completely

8. Apply a third and final coat in white acrylic paint using the same technique as before. Adding this multiple layers will create very realistic granite appearance. Allow your coat to dry and your tombstone is ready to display

Tip: To position your tombstone outside, insert bamboo or metal skewers into the tombstone and stick them securely into the ground, place your tombstone close together at uneven angles to replicate an ancient graveyard effect.


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