How To Care For Your Cold Weather Clothes

Summer is officially over, we are waving goodbye to our Summer clothes and making room for our cold weather clothes. It is time to bring out your jackets and sexy booties from storage. We have some tips on how to get your sweaters, jackets and boots back into shape.

1) Inspect all your knit. This may sound gross, but look for any moth holes, especially in wool and cashmere, which are insects’ favorite food. ribbed knits are easier to repair, however some damages are irreversible. Also, make sure there are no bug remnants in your clothes, even though you don’t see holes, there may also be larvae shells, silky tubes, casings or cocoons are all signs to see if any insects have gotten into your storage. Take your clothes to the dry cleaners if you find signs of infestation.

2) Puff your coats. If your puffy coats have lost their natural fullness, hang them in the bathroom during a really hot shower to let them reinflate. If you are in a rush, throw them in the dryer with a few clean tennis balls will knock them back into shape.

3) Get rid of the musty smell. Taking your winter clothes to the dry cleaner is the quickest way to de-mustify your winter clothes. However, dry cleaners can get expensive, which is why we highly recommend this handy trick, spray your clothes with a mixture of one part vodka and two parts water, mist it and let it sit for a while, this should take care of the odor.

4) Inspect the sole of your shoes, and the leather of your boots. Make sure the taps of yours shoes, the black caps on your heels are still firmly in place. They tend to come out during winter time and making sure they are secure is extremely important, because they can be dangerous when walking on a slippery surface. Another safety tip is to have rubber sole to add more grip and to extend the life of your shoes.

Waterproof leather boots are very important for snow days. If they got crushed in the storage, stuff them with newspaper or tissue paper to reshape them.

5) Organization is key. Place your more favorite things and lighter colors to the front of your closet, then work your way to the darker colors. Put your furs and faux furs in cool spot away from sunlight, preferably at the back of your closet.

confessions-closet-clean-out-600x400Photo credit: shopourcurves


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