The biggest trend from Milan Fashion Week

Milan is keeping it simple for Spring – but the line ups continue to turn heads as all the designer houses debut their Spring 2015 collections.

We have rounded up 4 of the biggest trend from Milan Fashion Week.


That ’70s Show

The ’70s were a huge inspiration this season. Anything from billowing maxi dresses, neck scarves, and flared trousers.


Chic in Jeans 

Several of Milan’s fashion houses decide to go for a more wearable and comfortable alternative to their collection this season. Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are just some of the designers that are showing a few pair of jeans.


Pretty in Sparkle 

For every casual look in Milan, there is something not so casual. There was always glitzy and sparkly on the design. We definitely spotted some very interesting use of sparkles by different houses.


Belt It Out

Maybe it was the ’70s influence, but just about every collection features a belted jacket or coat. Sophisticated, but the idea is overly done.


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