The Future Of Mobile Shopping

We spend so much time out of our days browsing sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to look for shopping inspiration, except for the sad part where you fall in love with an item, you can’t have it. It’s like going shopping at the mall with an empty wallet. What if I tell you there exists an app that will revolutionize mobile shopping and have the serious potential to change the way we shop and interact with designer brands? This app is called ‘Spring’. Imagine Stacy Bendet takes a picture of a coat she designed, or Victoria Beckham posts a picture of a pair of skinny jeans, and you are able to purchase it with a touch of your fingertip right there on your phone – no need to run to the mall, or spend time browsing the internet for pricing and availability. Yeah… bad news for impulse shoppers!

Here’s how the app works: Download the app, update your profile with a credit card and shipping information, and start following the brands you like. You will then see brand-generated images in the feed of your app. The main difference between Spring and sites like Instagram or Pinterest is that every product featured in your feed is available to purchase immediately, and you can shop directly through the app. You can also “heart” your favorite items to save them for later. Looking for shoes? The app offers ways to shop by category, instead of designer name. Brands that have signed on with ‘Spring’ can select what to feature for sale in the app each day, anything from a sale item or a limited edition item. After filling out credit card and shipping information just one time within the app, the only thing the shoppers have to do is a touch of a button. So far, 450 major brands have signed on, including Alice + Olivia, Jason Wu, Levi’s, Rebecca Minkoff and countless others. The list will only grow bigger.

This startup team has built a solid foundation by raising 7.5 million in funding. They also have big time investors such as luxury magnates like Bernard Arnault and Lew Frankfort as big time backers.

Spring focuses on fast and easy shopping experience for shoppers, and direct brand-to-user communication for retailers, making this app a heaven for fashion lovers, a dream for retailers, but a complete nightmare for our bank accounts.


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