The ‘Freckle’ Effect

The newest beauty trend for Fall 2014 isn’t lipstick, eyeshadow or the way we do our eyebrows. If you have been watching the shows during fashion week, you might have noticed that many designer houses are going for the makeup-free, radiant, fresh look for the models. In order to create a more natural and youthful glow to their skin, a number of makeup artists, including Stila’s Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry Sarah Lucero, actually added freckles as part of their look, drawing freckles on all the female and male models. Freckles can instantly make your complexion look fresh, as if you are wearing no foundation. Even though freckles are something women like to cover up, if done right, freckles can actually hide your age, making you appear younger and more youthful. Think about Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and Olivia Munn, these ladies are always embracing their freckles and whose skin is adorably speckled. At Lucero’s suggestion, it is best to create the freckle effect with a brow product. Pick a shade that’s a lighter hue than your hair, or you may use two colors to make it appear more natural. Light and medium brown work on those with fair to medium skin and hair, medium and dark brown look best on warmer skin tones. Simply tap the pen around your face, almost bouncing it across your nose and cheeks, try not to make the spots too perfect, oddly shaped freckles will look more natural.



Photo credits: Reflection Agency Blog


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