Mix and Match Fashion Guide



1. The Base
The base is the foundation of your outfit. These pieces are called hard pieces. They can be a suit, a pair of pants, a dress or a pair of jeans. They are usually neutral in color and timeless, for example, black, grey, beige and white. The base pieces you purchase should be dependent on your work environment and personal preferences. You may choose to own more dresses than suits.

2. The Accent
Accent pieces are what you will wear with your base pieces. They are usually tops, blouses, cardigans that you can wear underneath your suits, or jackets. Your accents can be mix between color and neutral shades. The beauty of a more neutral base is that any color you can wear with black, you can also wear with any other neutral shade. A navy suit gets more wear because it can be worn with a colorful top while burgundy gets a facelift when paired with camel.

3. The Pop
Pop pieces are jewelry, scarves, bags, shoes and belts. The pop is usually purchased last to coordinate the rest of your wardrobe. You don’t have to purchase pop colors in the exact same shades in your capsule, you can also think of tonal colors and universal shades, like green and yellow which can add some subtle pops to an outfit. My personal favorite is a pair of tan heels, they are an excellent color for work-to-play piece. They also elongate your legs and are ultra-classy. Lastly, I also recommend that you purchase pop pieces in gold and silver, just to have on hand in a pinch.


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