Yellow Is For Happiness


Yellow is for happiness! Summer is here and there is nothing more happy-making than a colorful wardrobe.

Say hello to Summer in this season’s hottest shade – but be careful how you wear yellow or you could end up looking like a bumble bee. Make sure you get the right shade for your skin tone. For example, fair skin types should opt for a more muted palette, while darker skin tones can pull off neon yellow shades. If you have deep skin tone, (dark hair, dark eyes: think Victoria Beckham), try going for lemon yellow and tangerine in contrast with black for a great look – or on its own for greater impact. If you have light skin tone, (light blond hair, pale transparent skin, pale eyes: think Gwyneth Paltrow), keep your yellow as pale as possible. Try ivory with a hint of yellow or a light primrose.

If you’re nervous about wearing yellow, start with a bright yellow accessory or pair of heels as a starter.


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