10 Fun Things To Do For Summer:

Summer is finally here after a long and brutal Winter. Now that we can dig up our sandals, shades and sundresses, let us think about what we can do to enjoy every moment.

1. Have Brunch on the patio
Weekend is perfect to sit out on the patio with family and friends. Finger food, cold drinks and a gorgeous tan are the best combination.

2. Cool down with frozen treat
Baskin Robins, anyone? Indulge your sweet tooth by taking advantage of hundreds of ice-cream, gelato and frozen yogurt shops. Let’s not forget hundreds of delicious flavours to choose from.

3. Have a picnic
Gather your friends, family, pets, neighbours and go for a picnic in the park. Bring your favorite board games or a ball. Escape the concrete jungle for a few hours.

4. Get active
Whether you are joining a club, or simply joining a sports team to get you moving. Summer is the best season to get fit and active. Not a fan of sport? Try jogging during your leisure time.

5. Go to the beach
Soak your feet in the sand, build a sand castle, play beach volleyball. Beach season is short, take advantage while it last.

6. World Cup
How can we leave out one of the most exciting games in the world of sports that only happens once every four years? Hit the bar or take a trip to your local community to support your favorite team and watch them fight for the glory of the World Cup title.

7. Amusement parks
Amusement parks don’t open all year round, which is why we need to take advantage of one of the most exciting things about Summer. Roller coaster rides, cotton candy, live entertainment. It’s great to feel like a kid again.

8. Escape the city for a day
Summer is the best time to explore and go on an adventure. Try ziplining or bungee jumping. Afraid of height? Visit a conservation area and go for a hike or canoeing.

9. Go on a weekend trip
Whether you are going camping or going on a road trip, make sure to have fun. For example, there’s cherry-picking, or head to wine country and book a bed-and-breakfast. Try to visit as many tourist attractions as possible.

10. Rent a cottage
Experience the cottage life and try some cottage activities, boating, yoga, star gazing, swimming, or skinny dipping – to each their own. Most importantly, remember to relax and rejuvenate.


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