Print on Print Mix and Match


Still noticing mismatched print on the runway? This is because the mixed print trend is here to stay! If done right, print mixing can be extremely fun and a great pick-me-up. Here is an example of how to mix your printed separates without looking like you got dressed in the dark.


Here are some tips to wear mismatched prints:

1.The prints don’t need to match exactly, staying in the same family of colors will yield the most stylish result. 

2. Mix stripes and floral. Stripes act as a neutral and can help ground the “floatiness” of a floral. Pair the look with solid shoes.

3. Animal prints on animal prints. The trick is to choose pairs that are complimentary. Look for one print that has a smaller pattern and another that is more graphic. Keep your accessories simple. 

4. Polka dots and everything else. They’re one of the easiest prints to pair due to their ability to look super casual and ultra-feminine at the same time. Polka dot prints can be matched with tweeds, global, chevron, houndstooth, florals and more. 


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