New York: Uptown v. Downtown



When it comes to uptown fashion, you might be thinking about 5th Avenue and high society. Imagine strolling down the fashionable streets of the Upper East Side, stopping at Ladurée for a macaron and maxing out the credit card at Bloomies. Tailored jackets, smart color palettes, and a touch of charm is the ultimate way to get that uptown look and easy to get even without the big bank account. Zara’s pale pink coat and floral trousers are sophisticated and feminine. Our Blush by Passion dainty shoulder bag is ultra chic with its Parisian style high fashion look. You’ll definitely turn heads!

Now travel south of Houston Street to the bars, art galleries, and nightlife of downtown Manhattan. A melting pot of cultures, creatives, and students, this is where the cool people hang out till late hours of the night. The downtown look is more casual, layered and laid back but trendy and fun. Dark denim with an oversized knit and some platform shoes will do the trick. Passion’s academic satchel is a fusion of smart with cool and is perfect for the winter!

Passion NYC / tel: 646-201-9303 /

Passion Styles uptown#130723 downtown#130729

– Zara pale pink jacket and floral trousers

– Sergio Rossi heeled boots at

– Link bracelet from C Wonder

– black knit top from All Saints

– jeans from H&M

– Arrow necklace and dog key chain from Urban Outfitters

– Black platform shoes from Topshop

This is where the creatives and the trendy hang out till late hour of the night.


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