Limited Editions Style Guide!

More amazing limited editions have arrived at Passion. We’ve selected three of the season’s must-haves, and styled a few outfits without breaking the bank. This fall and winter, it’s about keeping it sophisticated and sharp. From New York to Seattle, these looks will have heads turning.

This blue shoulder tote really is amazing and screams high end. Contrasting leather textures and tones with faux animal print are unique and eye-catching. It looks fancy but is also a great everyday bag and works well with a sophisticated or casual wardrobe. Totes are great because they hold a lot, like a water bottle, an iPad, and an umbrella. But forget those old canvas grocery type totes because this is a step up. A nice sharp jacket will really complement this Passion tote. We suggest this long blazer jacket from H&M which falls a pinch under $100. The blouse is a splurge, but a splurge is healthy once in a while. We found this one on Net-a-Porter from designer Tory Burch. Finally, try something a little bold and daring like these red Uniqlo corduroys.

This wine colored wide tote is smart and practical. It also comes with an extra pouch and a thin wallet. Makes for an excellent work bag but conveniently converts into an everyday bag. Sport it with a nice thick wool cardigan like this long one from H&M and this cool shirt from Topshop. Black skinny trousers from Uniqlo and these great shoes from Payless! All together, this is a great fall look!

Quilted bags are classics that never go out of style. They always evoke a chic and sophisticated appeal, but can easily be styled casually or elegantly. Our Passion quilted hand and shoulder bag is a true classic and we’ve kept it simple. A nice jersey black dress, these high platform heels, and some teal tights are the ultimate look. Get these at H&M and we thought the cups at the Argo Tea Cafe were pretty cool. This bag also looks great with a favorite pair of jeans, some boots, and a plain loose tee. There are no limits when it comes to styling and we love keeping it affordable and fashion forward!


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